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Honoring the Legacy of Scott MacMillan, Owner of K.A. Sodders Painting

Scott MacMillan, Owner

In Memoriam: John Scott MacMillan (1958-2024)

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of John Scott MacMillan, an entrepreneur, a beloved family man, and the founder of K.A. Sodders Painting. Scott, as he was affectionately known, departed this world on February 23, 2024, surrounded by the love of his family and friends in Heritage Valley-Beaver, PA.

Scott’s indomitable spirit and unique charm left an indelible mark on everyone he encountered. His genuine connections and unyielding commitment to excellence, defined his life’s work, particularly in the growth and success of K.A. Sodders Painting LLC.

Derek Fairley, K.A. Sodders’ Head Blast Technician, shares his thoughts about Scott MacMillan: “He was inspiring to me. As an employer and boss, Scott was kind. He was concerned not only about what was happening on the job but also about what was going on in my personal life. He was like that with all of his employees. Scott was always there to help. He was the best boss I’ve ever had. As a friend, he was always building up my confidence, and we were always laughing. I am so grateful to him.”

K.A. Sodders Office Staff from left to right: Henry Potts III, Scott MacMillan, Rae MacMillan, Tom Haaf, Janet Gervas, Brandon McDaniels, & Derek Fairly.
K.A. Sodders Office Staff from left to right: Henry Potts III, Scott MacMillan, Rae MacMillan, Tom Haaf, Janet Gervas, Brandon McDaniels, & Derek Fairly.
A man in a bright neon yellow shirt poses in front of the K.A. Sodders Logo.
Scott MacMillan poses behind a K.A. Sodders' storage vehicle.

An Ambitious Start: K.A. Sodders Painting in 1996

In 1996, Scott MacMillan started his business with a humble setup and a dream.  He founded K.A. Sodders Painting alongside his family. Armed with residential painting flyers, Scott and his daughters would canvass upscale neighborhoods, laying the foundation for what would become a flourishing family-owned and operated business.

K.A. Sodders Painting has evolved over 25 years into a robust operation, boasting a skilled workforce of about 40 employees, including office staff, foremen, painters, and dry blasters. This growth stands as a testament to Scott’s dedication, commitment, and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Core Values: Quality Workmanship, Professionalism, and Exceptional Service

At the heart of K.A. Sodders Painting are core values that reflect Scott’s commitment to providing top-notch service marked by quality workmanship, professionalism, and exceptional customer care.

“We are all at a loss here at K.A. Sodders, LLC after the unexpected passing of Scott. While he was technically my stepfather, I considered him ‘dad,’” says Brandon McDaniels, President. “He had so many things he wanted to do and so many plans that went unfinished. It will take some time for everyone here to recover, but we all know that the show must go on. Scott would have wanted nothing less. K.A. Sodders, LLC fully intends to proceed with all business as usual. He is gone too soon, to be sure. But he has also prepared us well for this moment.”

Every project undertaken by K.A. Sodders Painting is an opportunity to exceed expectations. The team’s dedication to completing jobs correctly, on schedule, and within budget reflects their appreciation for clients and commitment to delivering an exceptional experience.

A man in a white shirt and pants sits in a storage trailer while holding and bottle-feeding a newborn baby.
Scott MacMillan takes a moment to hold his newborn grandson, Matt, at a site in 2011.
A Man in a grey hat and white shirt smooths out cement at a job site.
Scott smooths out a cement surface as a Plasterer and Cement Masons Apprentice in Las Vegas, NV in 1979.

Scott's Entrepreneurial Legacy

While Scott’s journey involved various business ventures, including a video rental store, a cigar company, and a billiard hall, it was through his painting business that he made the most significant impact. His true success lay not only in the growth of his enterprises but in the meaningful connections he forged with others and the positive imprint he left on their lives.

As we bid farewell to an exceptional individual, let us remember and celebrate the life of Scott MacMillan, a man who transformed a dream into a thriving legacy, leaving an everlasting impact on all who had the privilege of knowing him.

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